Class Schedule
2013 Class Schedule

Childbirth Classes $200.00 Cash or check only. Thank you.

The fee includes breakfast, lunch, snacks and drinks.

2/16       9am - 5pm

Class is usually the third Saturday of the month.

Please call the office to confirm dates.

Instructor Profile:

Bernadette Olivier RNC, CNM, MSN

Class Descriptions:


-Normal changes in pregnancy
-Warning signs in pregnancy
-How to tell when you are in labor
-Stages of labor
-Pain control (hydrotherapy, imagery,
breathing techniques, massage, and
progressive relaxation)
-Medical interventions
-Pushing and birth
-Postpartum care
-Initiating breastfeeding, positioning, issues with breastfeeding
-How to handle unexpected outcomes
Newborn care

*We will view videos of natural and medicated births, epidurals and cesarean sections.

We are also incorporating Christian beliefs and scriptures to encourage and support the
holistic side of natural birth.

Call  281-485-2886  or e-mail us at  for schedule
information and to register.   

Please call early to register so we know how many plan to attend.  Maximum number of  7
couples for classes. $50.00 cancellation fee if 48hrs notice not given. Payment expected
before class.
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