Rite of Passage Women's Health and
Birth Center is owned and operated by
Bernadette Olivier.  Bernadette is a
Certified Nurse Midwife licensed in the
State of Texas.  Over the past 20
years, she has dedicated her life to the
profession of caring for women and
babies.  She believes in empowering
women by educating and involving
women in all aspects of their care.
Pregnancy is a normal experience, it is
not a sickness.  A woman may choose
her own birth experience and have
present whomever she would like.  The
concept of midwifery brings in the ideas
of listening to women and involving
them in all dimensions of care:
emotional, physical, medical and
spiritual.  Focusing on women's needs
and their own ideas about their care is
very important to Bernadette.
About Us
Rite of Passage
Women's Health and Birth Center
Bernadette Olivier,
Certified Nurse Midwife/
Liza Rodriguez

Office Manager

Melissa Cortez. Receptionist