Pearland Birthing Center
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Tired? Decreased libido?
Can't think straight?
Can't prioritize?
Vaginal Dryness? Thinning hair?
You may be at risk for adrenal fatigue or nutritional deficiences

Ask about our Adrenal Fatigue Support
and Nutritional Testing

Rite of Passage Women's Health & Birth Center is a private
nurse-midwifery service.  The Certified Nurse Midwife will see
clients for primary care from adolescence to post-menopausal
period including family planning, annual visits and birth.


Family Planning and Conception Counseling
Gynecological and Breast Screening Exams
Pap Testing
Bio-identical Hormones
Preconception Counseling
Pregnancy Testing
Referral to Counseling Services for social and family problems
Full prenatal care including nutrition counseling, pregnancy and postpartum education.
Continuous care provided during labor and delivery at the center including transfer to hospital for
Moms only.
Newborn and Postpartum Care
Office visits within 48-72 hours of delivery and the 2nd and 6th weeks after birth
Physician Consultation and referral provided by Ob-Gyn and Pedi
Breast Feeding Support/ Lactation Counseling
Ortho Molecular Products- for Adrenal Fatigue and Wellness
Advocare Products
Wish Garden Herbs for pregnant moms, infants and children.
Services Provided at Rite of Passage include:
Your Birth.......Your Way!!!
Rite of
Women's Health and Birth Center
The goal of our center is to provide an environment that is safe and
satisfying for any client.  We believe in professional, one on one attention
to every woman whether for an annual exam, hormone review or your
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